When the Timing is Slightly Off

Starting Over Again

It can be devastating to lose a relationship that held great promise, but that promise might have been nothing more than a figment of a person's imagination. Their partner might have left to pursue educational or career opportunities, and it can hurt most when they never looked back. Knowing a person has more important priorities than the relationship is what generally makes a person leave, but starting over again could be painful. Investing in any relationship can lead to pain and emotional turmoil, but those who refuse to even try will never experience the joys it can bring them when they find the right partner.

The world has become a place where careers are important over the long run, but relationships have their own importance for those who want to share their life. When one partner chooses their work over their loved one, a lack of worth can lead the former partner down the path to depression. Getting out and socializing is what they need to get past a relationship that was unbalanced and unfair, but many of them struggle with this first step. Friends and family are generally helpful, and leaning on them for support can make it easier.

The partner who has been left because they were not important to the other person will eventually need to start dating once more if they want a lifelong relationship with someone special. Their view of others might be clouded at first with negative thoughts, but finding a date who makes them feel special and wanted could begin to change their outlook. They should be cautious about making a firm commitment until they are truly over their former relationship, but a good partner should be willing to wait until they are ready.

Many relationships look and feel good on the surface, but modern choices can widen the cracks that have always been present. It can be a painful awakening for a person who was totally committed to making the relationship work over the long run, yet they can still find happiness if they are just willing to get back out into the world of dating.