When the Timing is Slightly Off

Not Much Regret


Couples with a history of months or even a few years will often find one of them is not ready for a permanent commitment, and they could soon break up when it becomes an issue. The person who wanted to get married will often be heartbroken, and it can hurt even worse when they realize there is not much regret on the part of their former love. They could wonder what was wrong with them, but they might be surprised to find out they are not the undesirable one.

Commitment issues come from many different sources, and they can affect a person for a lifetime. While some people examine their background and find the cause, others are willing to float through life in a series of relationships. They actually care very little for the other people they are with, and they stay only long enough to ensure they will not be trapped in a lifelong commitment. Breaking the hearts of others is not something they consider their problem.

While the hurt will be there for a while, a person who has broken up with a partner not willing to make a commitment still has a good chance of finding someone else. They will need to get past the pain, but setting out in the world of dating again will give them the opportunity they seek. It might take kissing a few more frogs before finding the royalty they deserve, but it can be worthwhile.

Finding a relationship with another person that can potentially last a lifetime is a dream for many, but there are plenty of heartbreaks along the way for most. Getting back into the game is not always fun, but staying out of it can guarantee instant failure. For those who had a partner leave them without any signs of regret, learning the lesson that not everyone is really willing to make a commitment will help them keep going toward realizing their dream.