When the Timing is Slightly Off

Make a Sacrifice


Couples in a situation where one must stay while the other seeks employment or schooling far away could be mature enough to understand it is likely their relationship will change. They could accept that fact and remain friends, or they could choose another path. One of them could make the choice to forego an education distant from home, or the other could choose to make a sacrifice by leaving their family’s business. No matter what they decide to do, one of them will have to leave behind what they had planned for years.

It can be good for a relationship to be solid enough for a couple to choose to combine their lives at an early age, but one partner might eventually feel they have given up too much. Their sacrifice might not be fully appreciated by the other person, and it could drag the relationship down. It takes a great deal of maturity to make a wise decision at any age, so thinking it through carefully would be best for both partners.