When the Timing is Slightly Off

Leaving for an Education


Teenagers often discover the pain that can come from following their own path while trying to maintain a relationship. One of them might have been destined for a university far from home, but their partner will remain there in their family’s business. They vow to keep in touch, and they even believe the relationship they have will be the same. For those who have found out the differences can add up to a relationship gone sour, the truth can be devastating.

Being separated physically is not so much the issue as one living a new lifestyle while the other remains stagnant at home. The differences will begin to show immediately as the person leaving starts mentioning the new people they are meeting, and their love at home can become jealous. Even if jealousy is not an issue, they might begin to see the changes in the person they love appearing rapidly.

Going away from home as a teenager is often a big change, and it can open up new worlds for those who do it. They suddenly see that there are other ways to live, and those lifestyles might seem more appealing. Returning home right after their schooling might have been the original plan, but the opportunities they are now faced with could be more than tempting. The question they will need to ask is whether or not their partner would be willing to follow them.

Remaining behind in a family business after schooling is often something many youngsters do, but it can keep them from exploring the world. They might feel an obligation to remain, and they could feel their former partner pulling away as they have new experiences in the wider world. They might experience their heartbreak first when they realize that their former love will never quite return to them.